Monday, September 8, 2008

Speculative Fiction films

Interesting premise here. I admit that for an SF admirer, both literary and film, I haven't seen much of the older and/or more obscure of some films on these lists. I agree with most of the ones I have seen though. I was immensely thrilled that Enemy Mine was on the list. That is still, I feel, one of the best Sci-Fi films ever done. Louis Gossett Jr.'s performance is superbly excellent. One of the films I think should have been on the list is Waterworld, though I'm sure the reasoning for it not being on there would probably be about the same as for A.I., though for the star instead of the director. I was also pleased with Gattaca being on the list as well. Very rare we SF admirers get an SF film that is almost purely cerebral and not be completely boring but entirely engaging And, yeah, Aeon Flux was never going to match the damn anime so, those who use that as an excuse for not liking the movie go suck a rhino's balls. It was actually very decent for what they did. And yeah, Strange Days should have been on the original list. I have a very personal reason for that AND it was a damn good film, period. I get the writer's comments about Equilibrium. Even agree to a degree. But I still really like that movie. Yeah it's fluff with a purpose, but it's good SF fluff!!!,-Five-We-Didn't

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