Sunday, December 7, 2008

Are You Serious?!

Here is an article on the incident of the teacher who used two black students, girls, to demonstrate slavery conditions to a class. And another.
This was bought up yesterday in my American History class during a discussion about the country's current status. This is just absolutely retarded, however, reading Free Speech's opinion on of the incident, I'm not as upset as I was because he makes some very valid points. BUT this teacher needs to be seriously reprimanded and disciplined in some way. I would like to believe the teacher had the best of intentions of educating the students but I just can't. This was either a serious lack of proper judgment or something very sinister. Based on the article, the teacher is only sorry one of the girl's was upset, NOT at what she did to upset her, which leans me more toward sinister. If the teacher had used at least one white student, since it was only an educational demonstration, then I wouldn't be as upset. But, just because the slaves of the american past were African, this teacher goes out of their way to pick two black kids? And both of them girls?! Ultimately, though, the ethnicity of the girls is secondary to the fact that the teacher actually physically bound two students and had them crawl around. And it doesn't matter that one of the girls volunteered either. You don't do that.

Also, the fact that these were young children exacerbates the situation. Unfortunately, most decent, law abiding parents tell their children to listen and obey when any adult tells them to do something. Well, this is how situations like this happen and how pedophiles are able to take advantage of children. My father NEVER EVER told my brother and I to blindly obey anyone, especially strangers, which is what teacher's are essentially. Even at the age of these girls this would have never happened to me or my brother, but, we were taught different. Better. Taught to think for ourselves from a very early age and to defend our position as long as we knew we were right or what someone, anyone was telling us was wrong.

If this teacher honestly doesn't see anything wrong with what she did she does not need to be teaching young children anymore, period.

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