Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 Honest things

Been tagged by my spirit-brother David to do some more truetrue things about myself. Like David I'll try to refrain from repeating the things I did in my two previous posts, here and here. I will also doubly duplicate the love/hate theme. Here goes.

1. I love watching people performing things they've completely dedicated themselves to, ie: martial artists, acrobats, musicians, etc.

2. I hate nagging. HATE IT! Do not nag me, AT ALL!

3. I love a well proportioned woman. I'm not an ass-man or tit-man but a whole body-man.

4. I hate arrogance.

5. I love a good story, be it a book, film, song, or a recollection.

6. I hate blind violence. Ethnic cleansing, border wars, holy lands, etc., all bullshit.

7. I love Nature. Though there are some things I have a healthy fear of I love nature.

8. I hate poachers and people who hunt for sport. And by extension people who wear real animal furs they didn't hunt and clean.

9. I love salmon. My favorite fish to eat. Baked or broiled is best. One day I need to go salmon fishing.

10. I hate religious zealots(nuts!).

Bonus: I love Love.

Well, I have absolutely no one to tag so anyone I know that reads my blog wants to do a list just comment here and let me know where your list is. It doesn't have to be a blog, hint to the myspace and faacebook friends I have.

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