Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This shit has to stop!

We all know about the conflicts going on in the Middle East. I just finished reading an article by Alice Walker who, no surprise, makes an intelligent plea for fighting period to stop. Here's an excerpt but I urge you to read the full article linked above.

"And that, I feel, is ultimately what I am objecting to: the terrorization of the planet by the United States and Israel. And yes, I know African armies and Indian armies and all the other smaller armies are imitating the big guys as best they can. I happen, however, to be attached to the U.S. and Israel through the strongest possible bonds: birth and taxes. These overly armed countries are attacking people who cannot possibly put up an equal fight, which makes attacking them sadistic. Where is the glory, the freedom and bravery, the wisdom, the profit in this? All the oil in the world will not wipe away the bomb scar now seared on the hearts of billions of Earthlings, cowering in their beds or losing themselves in licentiousness and drugs."

Because of the close ties israel has to america people are scared to speak negatively about israel. And those who do are persecuted to varying degrees. Interesting as that's pretty much what happened to those people in WW2. Wars are unnecessary to live on this planet now. The only thing it's good for is profit. Defense is a person to person thing, anything bigger than that is frivolous bullshit. Country against country combat is ridiculous and NO ONE but the cowards NOT fighting profit.

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