Monday, September 28, 2009


Okay, I am seriously not liking the entertainment industry right now. First we have this bullshit that my man David blogged about here. I mean really?!!! Highlander is just too fucking cool to be messed with. Yeah it has some little plot issues, what movie doesn't? But a remake?! WTF! I gotta do the Ed Lover right now: C'MON SON!! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT SHIT! Why must hollywood and tvland remake everyfuckingthing! All the novels, stories, and screenplays being written and published out there and they still go back to fucking up perfectly fine films and shows and damn good MEMORIES! And now we have this bullshit as well! (That's two separate links if you didn't notice.) TEEN WOLF?! FOR REALZ?! And MTV, too?! I mean forget the cheese of it being an 80's movie, it's classic! If for know other reason that it was a completely new take on the werewolf mystique. I mean, they already did a not too bad sequel. This is SO unnecessary. I am certain there are a few more things on the horizon that are being touched that SHOULD NOT BE but these executive assholes and nostalgic idiots can't seem to help themselves. And I just don't have the heart to go looking for any more right now. I mean I know there is some good and new stuff on the horizon but not enough to make this shit okay.

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