Monday, October 31, 2011

Technologically limping along

I need a new laptop or netbook. I have been without either of these for some months now. It is an annoyance not having them. Yes, at one time I had both and a few months ago rendered both of them pretty much inoperable at the same time. It was a rather stupid accident which occurred as a result of a random and rapid demonstration of frustrated anger. I'm fortunate that I still have regular access to computers and the intarweebs but the absence of mobility and convenience of my portables is starting to bug me just a bit. I use the work computers but they suck. I have a desktop at home and my fiance also has an Mac laptop so I'm not completely unconnected. Oh yeah, and I have my PS3 and my iPhone but I miss my laptops! What was that you asked? Oh, HOW did I render them inoperable? Well... There was this table in the living room. My fiance and I were having a disagreement. I was getting rather upset and frustrated and slammed my fists on the table, as men are wont to do in arguments (I'm not saying that this is acceptable behaviour, but it happens). However, my tangled mind forgot that the table had a glass top. I know, you're asking, "how could you not realize it was a glass top?" Well, there was a cover over the table that's why. And angry mind ignores rational mind when its riled up, so I'm sure rational mind was saying, "Don't hit the damn table. It might break. Your computers are on it and it's a long way down to the floor." (It was a rather high table.) But with the cover over it the table LOOKED solid and since angry mind was all pumped up rational mind could not be heard over angry mind screaming, "Hulk smash!!" Fists rose up and slammed down with a satisfying bang, then a millisecond later, CRASH! That glass wasn't cheap thin glass either. I'm not bragging. It was thick glass. I realized this as I picked up the shards and sharp chunks of it. And to put some minds at ease, my fiance found this male display of anger amusing. She laughed which actually diffused the whole situation. We were going to get rid of the table anyway. But I felt like a complete stupid ass, partly because I lost it for a second and broke the table, but mostly because my computers were on the damn thing when I did. Oh well. So, now I'm stuck to sucky work computers, an old desktop I had to clean up that still limps along, and a mac that I don't really like.

Lesson: Control your temper. There is always a negative consequence to succumbing to anger. I'm still working on it. Have been since I was a kid. I'm getting better.

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  1. Hmm, reminds me of the time you punched a hole in your wall when you were living out in Cali. I have my own issues, but oddly enough have never found the need to vent by destroying my property. But, hey, we all have things we need to work on! :)

    That sucks about the notebooks, though. That's an added expense I'm sure you don't need right about now. I forgot you had told me about this incident, but it explains why you haven't been online as often as you're accustomed to being. Hope you can get that remedied at some point.

    And, WTF? Fiance? When did *that* happen? I think I'm going to need a major status update from you in private . . .