Monday, November 30, 2009

The White House, The Secret Service, The American President and white america

What the fuck happened at the White House state dinner?! How in the hell do two ugly ass wanna-be white people CRASH a dinner party at the WHITE HOUSE?! I'm sure everyone who was invited got an invitation. I would assume you needed to bring that invitation as proof you were invited not to mention a little something called a GUEST LIST to match up with the invites. I've been to birthday parties with better security!

Let's get the REALLY obvious out of the way right now: If they were any ethnicity other than obviously white they would have NEVER gotten in.

I'm not sure about criminal charges, though. I think SOMETHING needs to happen to these two narcissistic self-important assholes, but, the legality of the situation I think is in question. I'm thinking (going off of quick logic 'cause I'm not researching this) essentially the White House IS public property. PROTECTED public property but public nonetheless. Therefore, they aren't really guilty of trespassing. Party crashing is not a crime unless done on private property. I wonder if they actually ate. Or did they come in, hobnob and take pictures then bounce. If they ate I have to assume they actually did score an invite somehow because I'm sure those tables were only set for the number of people that were supposed to be there. Or they have a relative that's on the Secret Service detail that knew two people that were invited weren't going to make it and snuck them in. If so, that didn't work out so well since these idiots posted pics on facebook. Great free advertising for facebook.

The US Secret Service just issued an apology about this. What? Really? You can't be serious. This is supposed to be the most secure house in the world. A security force was CREATED just to secure this house and its occupants: The President of the United States and his family. Also any visiting foreign dignitaries and very important persons. This state dinner had the POTUS and the First Lady, the VPOTUS and his wife, and the PM of India and his wife and a bunch of VIP's. And two uninvited persons just walked in. Exquise me? Baking powder? That IS NOT supposed to happen. The POTUS and VPOTUS essentially belong to the American people and therefore their safety is our concern, yes? The details of how they are kept safe are to be kept secret of course BUT we need to know they are properly protected. And when there is such a big and PUBLIC snafu such as this, the ensuing investigation is also our concern. I as an american citizen need to know that this fuck up in the security of my president is being thoroughly investigated. I don't need the details of the investigation but I DO want the results to be made known. And that proper steps have been implemented so that the problem will not happen again. Because that shit was and is just unacceptable.

And how are foreign leaders supposed to view this? I mean, yeah, nothing happened BUT something could easily have happened. THINK about this. You can barely get on an airplane nowadays with a valid fucking purchased ticket! And even if you do you can't bring on anything bigger than a penny! They shook hands with the POTUS! They actually took a picture WITH the VPOTUS!! In the above linked article they mention they went through magnetometers. I assume those are basically a fancy name for metal detectors. Have these assholes ever heard of poison? Maybe homeland security and the tsa need to handle the parties at the White House from now on. I mean they could have hurt M. Night Shyamalan, man! I like his movies.

And I hope everyone who has read this far noticed that I didn't write the names of the two morons because why would I?

That's all I have on this. LAterz.


Addendum: Upon further thought, this couple doesn't need to be punished. They made a bet. They won. They bet if they looked white enough and looked liked they had money enough they could get through the door. Criminal charges need to be brought against the secret service agents at each checkpoint responsible for checking the damn guests. This couple just showed up, the secret service should have turned them around at the gate.

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