Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just playing around.

I was playing around with my various technological gadgets and figured I'd let ya'll know about it. A little while ago I was trying out the web browser on my Playstation 3. I am not really that impressed with it. However, I realized it's really cool to read blogs on. You know, because it's on my big ass tv screen? But for surfing and checking stuff out, not so much. Even with my wireless keyboard. Which I'm using right now. Pretty cool. Also, I'm still using my big ass tv as a moniter because I plugged it into my laptop. I am sitting on my bed typing, and using my bluetooth mouse, while my computer is on the other side of the room. I'm being a lazy ass web surfer today. ;-) I took a picture with my camera but I don't feel like getting up. You know, 'cause you gotta either plug the camera into the computer or switch the memory card from one to the other. Oh, I can take a pic with my phone and send the pic via bluetooth to the laptop. I am such a lazy genius. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, I am still using my Playstation 3. It is now being used as a stereo. I plugged my external HD, that has all my music on it, and am playing music that way, since my PS3 sound is routed through my home theater system. This is just so cool. Oh, and I'm eating too. I am the ultimate!!!!!

Here's the big ass tv with my blogpage up.

Here's the wireless keyboard and bluetooth mouse. And right in the bottom left corner you will see the end of my spoon sticking it's butt in my picture.

And I haven't moved an inch. ;-) I'm gonna move in about ten minutes to put my God of War game disk into the PS3 and then hit the bed again and kill shit. Gotta kill Ares. All for now. LAter.

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  1. "God of war . . . I haven't forgotten you. For what you did that night . . . this city will be your grave!"