Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hip Hop is NOT dead!

I am sick as hell of people talking about how Hip Hop is dead. Get the fuck out my face with that bullshit. Mostly the notion is referring to the music of the kulture. Well, I got news for all you simpletons that jumped on the bandwagon, go suck a rhinoceros dick because Hip Hop AIN'T dead. Want proof? Cop the Roots' album "Rising Down". That has to be the hottest Hip Hop album of the damn year! The song "Singing Man" has to be one of the best songs I EVER heard (click the link to read the lyrics!). I was mesmerized from the very first time I heard it. I still hit repeat at least twice whenever that song comes on. If EVER there was a song that needed some good video treatment it's this one. I can see Spike (Lee NOT jonez) creating a masterwork with this song! Of course the rest of the album is straight heat. There's not a single bad or even mediocre song on the album! I LOVE the Roots! And "Game Theory" was MAD slept on! "In The Music" is like THE HOTTEST track. Then of course you have the mad lyrical Skillz with, "Million Dollar Backpack". Another straight butta album. Not a single bad track. Of course you have the lyrical swordsman, GZA droppin' lyrics to cut and slice the intellect on "Pro Tools". You GOTTA love that title. And, of course, his lyrical brother, The RZA as Bobby Digital, with the nice "Digi Snacks". People be sleepin' but KRS-ONE is still the nicest dude on the mic and still droppin' albums. "Hip-Hop Lives" with Marley Marl is a masterpiece of how to do this rap shit! The same goes for P.E. That's PUBLIC ENEMY for all you retards out there. They're early albums are just as relevant today as the albums they're dropping today. How's that for being alive and well, you punk mothafuckas!! Let's not forget the masterful maker of classics, Pete Rock with the tight "NY's Finest"! Of course you have the uber-revolutionary Immortal Technique, still dropping revolutionary knowledge to elevate you fools out there with "3rd World". Also, along the same lines, there's Dead Prez with knowledge of self and self elevation. You got the lyrically beautiful and eviscerating Jean Grae, who's nicer than about 98% of ALL these punk ass rappers droppin' shit now. And one of my new favorite rappers, N.Y. OIL dropping the MAD heat with "HOOD TREASON" (I got the double CD release)!! Ya'll should ALL get LYNCHED!!!! Word up! I'm tired of hearing the bullshit. I might bitch slap the next person who says Hip Hop is dead. You can kiss a donkey's ass!

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  1. Let it be known brotha! Real Hip-Hop will never die, it just won't be heard on the mainstream platforms! Nuff respect!